Wiley Henry Edwards (Mom Yeoman’s Father)

Wiley Henry Edwards (Mom Yeoman’s Father)

I got his name from my great grandmothers obituary and then continued confirming his name through censuses over the years. Wiley Henry Edwards, I thought it was a strong and powerful name and it was one that stuck in my head. He was born on Christmas (my second favorite holiday – my first is Thanksgiving because that is the holiday that I was born on). I never heard any stories about him.

A cousin of mine posted a photo on Facebook of guess who? You got it! My 2X great grandfather Wiley Henry Edwards!



I drove two friends of mine to a small church lot on Asbury road in Churchville, MD. I knew where we were going and I didn’t mind because I had a car and they didn’t. I wasn’t going to get out of the car but I felt it would be rude to stay, little did I know that it wasn’t just my friends pointing me in the direction of the cemetery. As they lay their flowers and said silent prayers I walked along and read the names of the headstones behind us. My heart stopped, there was no way that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I’m sure that my friends thought that it was the cemetery that was sending me into an almost panic attack like state but it wasn’t. I had accidentally stumbled across the burial site of my 2X great grandfather Wiley Henry Edwards. I couldn’t get to my ancestry.com app on my iPhone fast enough where I confirmed the dates December 25th (as if I could forget!) and for that moment I felt peace, a divine connection to a family member that had been there all along, one that I had passed by for years and never knew was there.




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