Actual Factual

That is the name of my new tree on Why? Because Not having all of the facts and/or accurate information is a P.R.O.B.L.E.M (I don’t have an acronym for that just yet but one will come to me in time). I made that classic mistake that ever researcher makes at least once in their journey. I followed the advice and research of others and it led me down the WRONG path. One wrong turn and my ship took off and led me to what looked nice and where I wanted to go instead of where I am. Now it would great if I were to find out that i am in fact linked to Henry Tudor a.k.a King Henry VIII (which would have been extremely cool because that is another one of my favorite eras of history) but the odds of that being ACTUAL FACTUAL are unlikely with my new method of research.

THE NEW METHOD: So my plan is to have the best paper trail there ever was. If it can’t be documented then it doesn’t get on the tree, plain and simple. Now the positive side to this is that I do have previous research that I can pull from and use to “compare” and to “confirm” (NOT COPY) before it goes onto the new tree. Each step will be documented in detail throughout the blog just look for the ACTUAL FACTUAL tag/category to know if the source has been confirmed. This is a great task to undertake so be prepared to do a lot of reading.


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