The 1940’s (Side A-1)

The story has to begin somewhere so lets get started at 1940… That also happens to be the latest date of census record at the time so it just makes it the obvious choice for me. My grandparents (my grandmother Marva) on side A hadn’t been born yet, so I head back one more generation to find my great grandmother (Clara Harris who was 14), her Parents (Benson & Maryetta Harris aged ), and other family members on the 1940 US Census for Fawn, York, Pennsylvania.

Who was in the house? 

Aside from their children (Helen, Edeth, Marion, Sareh, Clara, Ray, James, & Lucy) There was eight year old Kenneth Jordan who was the grandson to Benson & Maryetta. Besonson’s younger brother Rass Harris lived in the home as well.


Source Citation: Year: 1940; Census Place: Fawn, York,Pennsylvania; Roll: T627_3641; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 67-21.

What I know….

From speaking with my great grandmother and other family members I have come to learn that  know that the son “Ray” was actually named “Roy” and Bensons brother “Rass” was actually named “Ross”.

What I want to know….

Who are Kenneth Jordan’s parents? (There are multiple possibilities)


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