The Harris Union

So on the 22nd of December in 1910, Benson S. Harris along with Mary E Johnson went to the Orphan’s court of York County in PA and applied for their marriage license. On the 4th of January in 1911 they were wed at Chanceford AME Church.

record-imageBenson S. Harris & Mary E. Johnson Marriage License P1030396

This photo was taken on their wedding day. 4 Jan 1911

What’s Next? I have been trying to find the location of the Chanceford AME Church or some kind of information about its remains or where it was located… SOMETHING! But so far I’ve had no luck. The internet isn’t really helping me, so I think I need to get in touch with some real people to see if the building still exists, I would love to visit there.


5 thoughts on “The Harris Union”

  1. The wedding photo of Benson and Mary Harris is part of my family photo album. I believe Benson was my grandfather’s brother. My grandfather’s name is Perry Harris. He lived in York but was born in Muddy Creek.

    1. That is truly amazing! Would you happen to have access to any photos of them together? Muddy Creek is a familiar location to my family. I will surely have to add Perry’s name to my search. I will be calling my great grandmother today to ask her about him. Perry would be her uncle!

      1. I spoke with my grandmother and great grandmother and she said she didn’t have an Uncle Perry but she did have a cousin named Perry who was born in Muddy Creek, I believe they are one and the same.

      2. My grandfather married Gertrude Woodyard and they had 8 children. Mary, Ed, Agnes, Romaine, John (my dad), Joe, Louise, and Frankie. Do your grandmothers recognize any of these names?

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