1900’s The Johnson Line…

I was never able to find Mary Etta Johnson in 1910 – (other than my theory that I am still strongly holding onto).

Let’s recap 1910 for a second – The head of household George Johnson (my 3rd great grandfather) lived in the household with his five children and his mother. His wife had passed away so he is listed as widow which also helps to explain why his mother may be living with them to help out with the children. The mother (Hannah E Johnson – my 4th great grandmother) was also a widow so it may have been a matter of convenience for everyone involved.

US Census 1910 Lower Chanceford, York, PA (Recap)
1910UnitedStatesFederalCensusSource Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Peach Bottom, York, Pennsylvania; Roll: T624_1434; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 0086; FHL microfilm: 1375447.

Who was in the house: ( George Johnson 45, Hannah E. Johnson 72, John F. 18, George L. 17, James M. 15, Edith R. 14, Rollo I. 12)

1900 US Census Peach Bottom Township, York, PA


Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Peach Bottom, York, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1500; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 0133; FHL microfilm: 1241500.

Who was in the house: (George H. 45, Annie D. 17, Hannah E. 16, Morgan A. 14,  Mary E. 12, John T. 10, George W. E. J. 8, Marshall J. 6, Edith R. 3, Rollo J. 1)

Additional Family… 

On the second page of the census records I found a whole heap of Johnsons’, one of which I happened to recognize, In family number two on that page, I found Hannah E Johnson (My 4th great grandmother). She was living in her home with her husband of 47 years John Johnson (I’ve just discovered my 4th great grandfather). According to the census they were married in 1853 (Something new for me to search for)

1900 US Census Peach Bottom Township, York, PA (Heap of Johnsons)


Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Peach Bottom, York, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1500; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 0133; FHL microfilm: 1241500.

Who was in the house: (John 65, Hannah E 65, Viola E 8 – granddaughter, Jacob Johnson 79 – Brother to HOH)

The “OTHER” Johnsons – (Jas R 44, Agnes T 35, George E 13, Hannah M 12, Florence E 10, James H 8, Carrie E 7)

MAYBE NOTHING MAYBE SOMETHING:  My great grandmother (Clara Harris-Ringgold) told me a story once about how when she was younger she had a visit to her home and after opening the door she told her mother that there was “a white woman” at the door. She got in trouble for it. It may have been because that wasn’t proper mannerism or because it wasn’t a white woman, it was just a very light skinned cousin named Carrie. Could it be that this cousin Carrie is the same that is listed above in the “Other Johnsons” family? My great grandmother said had always wanted to know how they were related and I think I may have just found the connection.


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