From Somewhere Unknown…

I had originally titled this blog “OUT OF NOWHERE” but I have come to realize that this sign came from “SOMEWHERE” 

So I’ve had various conversations about my 2X great grandparents (Benson & Maryetta Harris) with my great grandmother (Clara Ringgold). She gave me the name of the church but she now can’t remember exactly what it was called. Lucky for me I’m very big on documentation so I have her on an audio recording “telling me” that the name of the church was “Trinity AME Church”. I was very happy to hear that because it set my research back on track as far as what area I’m looking for the information in.

I spent my night at work listening to our conversations over and over again. When I left work that morning to go home it was bright and sunny freezing cold the kind of cold that wakes you up and sharpens your senses. (stick with me I’m getting to the point) I get to a yellow light and slow down I look to my right, I see a church van passing my car… I think nothing of it, churches have vans so what, but as it is passing me I catch a glimpse of the name of the van “Trinity AME Church”…. I think to myself hmm that name sounds familiar (I’m obviously tired) but then it hits me “TRINITY AME CHURCH”! I start screaming in my car and as soon as the light turned green I hit the gas petal and was barreling down the road trying to catch up to the van. I finally caught up to the van, my heart was pounding, my head felt light, and my adrenaline was rushing….

This is what I saw….

Photo of the bus
Photo of the church van from my car window.

I know the bus driver and its occupants probably thought that I was some crazy woman driving with a camera in my hand snapping shots at the van but they just couldn’t understand.. Not only was it a van with the same church name but it was actually “THE CHURCH” from Delta Pennsylvania… and I even have the phone number! What they were doing in Maryland… beats me? But I don’t even care. I felt like my ancestors heard me wondering about me and sent me a sign like only they could. I hope that they know that I got their message!


3 thoughts on “From Somewhere Unknown…”

  1. Just out of curiosity would you consider calling the Church to see what ministry event the Church van and people were uo to? I DO nit believe in coincidences but in co existing incidences…The timing locale and the crossing of paths more than about the Van…..

    1. I have considered calling them but I wanted to make sure that I had enough specific information together before I do. I don’t believe in coincidences either which is why its so exciting to me, I will end up making the call, I just want to have all of my ducks in the row first.

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