As the leaf turns… A “TRUE” Inspired Story

I shared my last blog post a little over an hour ago and my responses of love & interest from my AAGSAR (African American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research) community was overwhelming. I’d like to share with you the “TRUE” inspired facebook conversation that began something like this…

  •   True A Lewis:  I can’t believe you found new info already. This story                                     ignited in ME!   32 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
  •   Tierra Cotton-Kellow True A Lewis ME EITHER! At first I was convinced that I had hit the end of the trail with those two (Wiley & Eliza Edwards) which is a whole other blog in itself because the last info that I had was that they were living on an Indian reservation (as Indians) which may still be true. I’ve got some digging to do in all sorts of directions for them. It is truly an amazing honor that I have come this far this fast in researching this part of my family.
    WELL… If this didn’t get me thinking… What ever happened to that long lost story… I know A LOT of people who have the “We have Indian in my family” story, and I’m sure you do too, so I won’t beat a dead horse but it is actually possible that I might have Indian in my family LOL! (I couldn’t resist). Anyways, a while back I joined a group on FB and posted photos of my 3X Great Grandparents Wiley and Henry Edwards first to share and second to ask if the photo of my 3X great grandmother could possibly be post mortem. A very nice lady in the group asked me if they were related… Odd question I thought but I kindly answered “No, they are husband and wife” Then she asked me if they could possibly be of Indian descent. Well how the heck would I know? She went on to say that they looked like Indians to her because of their strong facial features. I thought nothing of it of course. A few days later she messages and says that she found them on google (of all places to look) she directed me to a place where I could possibly find my ancestors… (There was a link that she said she would send me but I guess she never got around to it). She had already peaked my curiosity of course but not having the link wouldn’t stop me. I headed  straight to google and came across some information that is still a bit difficult for me to figure out because I don’t know “exactly” where it came from. The trail that I followed led me to LOST CREEK SETTLEMENT> a website for the Native American Descendants Association… Well it would be in improper taste for me not to be excited about having “Indian in my family”
    Lost Creek Settlement Screen Shot
    Lost Creek Settlement Screen Shot
    Well, there they were! with a page a piece between them, detailing the roughly accurate birth dates, their childrens’ names and identical living locations… It says that this information is attached to some tree via but I have yet to find the information or the owner of the tree. Now keep in mind that this information was given to me prior to me receiving the enormous info packet finding out that they were owned by a family during slavery. Indians as slaves? Slaves with Indian heritage? How far would that line go back I wonder?
    Whats a girl to do but smile! It’s definitely them, but HOW? I guess that’s for me to find out and for you to read about when I do. Stay tuned to “As the leaf turns” 

4 thoughts on “As the leaf turns… A “TRUE” Inspired Story”

  1. Wow, your exchanges were really exciting. I love how you are always asking yourself questions and seeking answers/answering. The fact that you were inspired by a conversation is really nice. I wonder what your “leaf” will turn up (clever title too). Keep up the good job with your research. This is a really exciting tale

  2. I’m Overwhelmed! It’s Sumpin’ about the When “As the Leaf Turns” has me OVERJOYED! Thank You for the Act of Kindness of “TRUE”. Was Sweet to be mentioned with your Ancestors. Your Inspiring Me. I really can’t wait for more. Great Post! It’s one of my FAVS!

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