From Day to Day ~ Part 2

So yesterday I blogged (From day to day) about my contact with the administrator of a website that detailed the entire lineage of Center and Jane Edwards, one of the owners of my Edwards family. So far the only contact has been me finding her site, and sending her this email message. (Feel free to scroll down if you’ve already read the email)“Hello,

My name is Tierra Kellow (Choates) and I have recently come across your website and I wanted to know if you happen to have a photo of Center & Jane Edwards? I have one, I haven’t found a direct DNA link but I have found through records that he owned my 3X great grandparents. I am elated to have met you because you are the only person so far that I have found online with information on Center Edwards and his family. I have a copy of scans from a book full of North Carolina Edwards family members, both the white and black sides and I wanted to touch base with you to see if you have heard of it.
I appreciate any assistance that you may be able to offer.
Tierra L. Kellow”

Today I got a response…

“Hi Tierra!

It’s great to hear from you.  I’m glad my site has been helpful!

I don’t have any pictures of Center Edwards and I don’t think I’ve seen the Edwards book you mentioned.  There were a lot of Edwards in Alleghany County – it must be a big book! 🙂

I’m descended from Young Edwards Sr. through his granddaughter Amanda Edwards.

What were the names of your other ancestors in Alleghany Co.? I can look through my notes to see if I have any info on them.


I’m sure you are already feeling the sense of excitement that I’ve got going on from this email. I’m going to have to send her the photo to thank her.


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