Unrealized Connections….

A few months ago I posted about my frustration surrounding the death certificate of a baby girl born to my great great grandmother Stella Blance Edwards and her husband Wiley Henry Edwards. (To catch up please click this link: www. )

I’ve started a new organizational system that allows me to match dates, events, and censuses so that I am able to see what information I’m missing and what areas I need to work on. This is the reason for my long absence… To make a long story short tonight as I was organizing I finally got to the dreaded death certificate that pains me so much. Aside from it being a family member of mine, the death of a child resonates sympathy with any parent. This time as I was entering the information I noticed something was different…

Lets see if you can see what I failed to see all this time….

Below is the death certificate of Stella Blanch Edwards and below that is the death certificate of her daughter (not named). If you aren’t interested in solving the mystery please feel free to scroll down to the bottom….



How could I possibly not have seen this when I first looked at it… They died on the same date! I was never able to completely decode the cause of death for the mother (Stella) to my best assumption it said “Flux following….labor / Pneumonia”. I thought labored breathing, or dying from flux in general but for some reason my mind NEVER fashioned that her cause of death had anything to do with having delivered a child. The child lived for 1 month and 10 days yet they both died and were both buried on the same date, with the same undertaker. I can’t imagine what kind of grieve my great great grandfather went through at that time. Now that I have discovered this connection, I want to know more… I guess I first have to start by studying this common cause of death that they both have listed.


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