The Chalice and the Covenant ~ My latest find and still finding

So in my ever increasing quest for family knowledge I find myself holding a copy of “The Chalice and the Covenant” written by Mark Sexton. Special thanks to Ryan Lane who happened to have a copy of it and sent me free of charge I might add!

IMG_8552 copyIMG_1155

So I had every intention of reading this book, however, being a wife and mother of three along with having a job doesn’t exactly leave me with the leisure time to sit and read a 300 page book with a glass of lemonade. So yesterday while I was at the optometrist office I managed to remember to bring the book with me and had a chance to crack it open in the waiting room. I headed straight for page 138 – my favorite page so far for obvious reasons. (Page 138 has a large photo of my 2X Great Grandfather Wiley Henry Edwards) I scoured the next page to see if I could find anything but there were just a large amount of names that I didn’t know, so I decided to start from the beginning… The beginning of THAT chapter lol


So I found myself skimming across pages waiting for the little boy in the waiting room to stop singing – while incredibly adorable, it was killing my concentration. But that’s when I found this…

IMG_1164 copy

Just what I was looking for, the answer to the question that I had… “Why is my 2nd Great Grandfather in this book” and there is was….  “The first deacons of Macedonia….. Wiley H. Edwards”. Personally I find this wonderfully amusing considering the fact that my own grandfather (Odell Choates) is a deacon at Zion Temple Church our home church here in Maryland.


I noticed that there were other names that caught my eye along with my 2X great grandfather… Jeff Choate (My 3rd great grandfather – on the other side of my grandfathers line ) and Jeff Bryan (My 3rd great grandfather – Wiley H. Edwards father-in-law). I think its great that it is that my 4X

So once everything got quiet in the waiting room I decided to start reading at the beginning of the chapter. Just as I got to the bottom of the page my eye wandered over and I saw something; a name “Lalah Wolfe”.       IMG_1165

I knew it sounded familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I called my grandfather (Odell) and thankfully he was able to break the  mystery for me. Lalah Wolfe is the former Lalah Edwards ~ My great grandmother’s (Oma Hazel Yeoman) sister! I’ve never seen a picture of her before so it was exciting to see.  IMG_1167

I showed the book to my grandfather  and he took a look at the picture and quickly realized that he knew quite a few people in the book. I can’t wait until my family reunion in North Carolina to share and get new stories and information…

So it looks like I really am going to have to read the entire book cover to cover. I’m debating scanning every page of this book so that I can have a digital version to have with me at all times but I’m not sure where I’ll find the time to do that

Until next time…


1 thought on “The Chalice and the Covenant ~ My latest find and still finding”

  1. I found this blog post via a Google search about The Chalice and the Covenant. I’m helping my friend discover her husband’s family history as well. We’ve made a tree in I hope to help them find some info in this book, as I’ve just requested it through interlibrary loan.

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