Photo bombs and accidental finds…

If you will remember, I went on my road trip and took pictures of every headstone in the cemetery at Fawn A.M.E. Zion Church… and if you didn’t get to see it – here’s the link –

I got home and started going through the pictures that I took and then as usual, a name jumped out at me… One that I knew I had seen before… Edward Harris… I checked my records and charts and there he was… Edward Harris ~ The father of John A. Harris ~ The father of Samuel Harris ~ The father of Benson S. Harris ~ The father of Clara Ringgold (My great grandmother)… Lets do the math – that makes this Edward Harris my 5X Great Grandfather!!


What an amazing accidental find… I keep thinking to myself, if I had gone to that cemetery and only taken photos of my 2x great grandparents headstones I would have missed my 4th and 5th great grandfathers…




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  1. June R. Grove says:

    June R. Grove here…friend of all your families, and an amateur genealogist
    from Chanceford and Lower Chanceford Townships…working on the same families you are.

    1. tkellow6411 says:

      Nice to meet you June 🙂 We should chat!

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