Interesting Habits & Chicken Preferences (Mini Blog)

So my plan was to bake a chicken for dinner last night and an article that I had once read online (can’t remember where) popped into mind. The article said that you should not wash your chicken before you cook it because it causes bacteria to spread. This is an interesting concept but I had never heard anything like that before. All of my life I’ve seen chicken washed before cooking.

I went to google (who doesn’t love google?) to see what I could find and this is what I came up with. According to the CDC, to prevent salmonella the following step should be used to clean your chicken….

“Washing raw poultry before cooking is not recommended Bacteria in raw poultry juices can be spread to other foods, utensils, and surfaces.”

There are more steps but I wasn’t going to type them all, if you would like more information, here is the website:

I headed to my next source of inspiration… my grandmothers of course, (Marva & Clara) (Mommom and Mommom Ringgold to me) surely they would know the answer. I told them about the article and about my plans for dinner. I found out that not only did they wash their chicken, but I found out an interesting tidbit about my great great grandmother (Clara’s mother Mary Etta Harris) she would wash her chicken with soap and water. So how do you prep your chicken? Is there a cultural lineage connection with cleaning chicken vs no cleaning chicken? My grandmothers told me “wash the chicken”… and that’s what I did. 🙂

Bon Appétit


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