STRIKING GOLD…. and then falling in a hole…

Good things always seem to come in 3’s (or more) for me. If you don’t believe me then you obviously haven’t been reading my blog 😀

I casually glanced online during my lunch break…  and what did I come across… a DEATH CERTIFICATE for GEORGE H. JOHNSON…. who is that you many ask??? The FATHER of Maryetta Harris… who is that you ask?  My great-great grandmother. How ironic is it that the other day I found my great-great grandfathers father and today I’ve found my great-great grandmothers father! Everything matched up perfectly, a little too perfectly, so I decided to do some digging, what I found might shock you…

Death Certificate of George H. Johnson
Death Certificate of George H. Johnson

The first thing I did was the first thing I always do… I picked up the phone and called my great grandmother (Clara Ringgold) she is the only person who would have the answer to the question that I had….  I wanted to know if she knew Edith Berry (the person who signed  – {even though it was typed} – George Johnsons death certificate)

I asked her if she had an aunt named Edith… (I’m learning that unspecific and vague questions seem to get me better than answers than being direct lol It gives everyone a chance to elaborate)

“Yes” she said….. “Edith Berry”

JACKPOT!!!!… This was officially the record that I was looking for and now I have it 🙂 A copy of my great-great-great grandfathers death certificate.

(S/N ~ I love my great grandmothers memory – it is sharp as needle)

I now have one more piece of evidence that Julia Young (Johnson) existed… and I have a certain middle initial for John Johnson  (T) and maiden name for the mother of George Johnson ~ his mother however… Hannah E…. I found a NEW maiden name…. GIBSON… How is this even possible… I’m in total shock… I thought her last name was Morgan ~ I even have research supporting it as well as a HUGE amount of research for her parents and grandparents… I mean, how many Hannah’s married a George Johnson with a son named George… Ugghh I’m so frustrated – I wonder where I went wrong here. I bet it was the death certificate…

This means that my Morgan link is null and void for right now…. OH NO!!!! There is still hope but no certainty as of right now. Maybe Hannah was married twice and her maiden name was Gibson and her other name Morgan… I really don’t know. I have a sick and sinking feeling about this but its better this way. Better that I find my second mistake and have a change to correct it or at least figure out where I went wrong. THIS is why I created this RECORDS ONLY family tree. This one record managed to change the entire course of my research….


1 thought on “STRIKING GOLD…. and then falling in a hole…”

  1. Hey Cuz Keep Pressing On, over time names are rearranged, changed and sometimes mistaken but don’t be discouraged, love Meeko…York Pa

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