I know ~ I went missing ~ I’m working on my March Project

Yes! I know I went missing for a while, but it was with good reason. After my latest discovery of “failure” I decided that it would be better to take a more realistic approach to my research and organization. Having a giant book filled with photos, obituaries and copies of census records was nice but just wasn’t enough anymore. I’ve moved on and have found my new best friend. EVERNOTE! I swear it has been a lifesaver and extremely efficient for sharing and travel.

This is my current notebook…

IMG_1928 IMG_1932

You guys have no idea how heavy this book can get sometimes…  I think its bordering around 8-9 lbs. and growing. I’m carrying a small child around with me (this is sort of my baby). I’d much rather carry my iPad and have a copy of EVERYTHING than carry around books and risk them being damaged or lost or left somewhere. I don’t have any photos of its growth from the beginning although I wish I did. This notebook started as a tiny 1″ notebook and now it’s bordering the edges of this 5″ notebook. I am getting ready to separate this book into multiple books for each family. (I’m sure there will be a post about it when it happens)

I’m still researching but not as much as I usually am. I’m trying to tackle this first so that I can add to what I already have effectively. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted. I hope to have this entire book digitized by the end of the month. I’ll keep you posted…


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