Saying Goodbye ~ Uncle Bill Bert

It took me a while to write this blog post…. Almost a month to the date to be exact. On March 2, 2015 I lost my Uncle. William Bert Choate Jr. known as Bert to some, Bill to many others… I called him Uncle Bill-Bert; I don’t remember why though I just always called him that. He was one of the best dressed men in all of Harford County, Maryland. Don’t believe me? It’s in the newspaper… On top of being the best dressed he was he best pool player, he taught me and all of my cousins to play. I still haven’t gotten the hang of getting a clean break but I’m sure with practice one day it will hit me. He let me beat him once but – I think he wanted me to keep my spirit. The last conversation we had was about his videocamera. I helped him figure out how to playback the videos that he had recorded. Whats funny about this is that I will never forget it; I’m a giant nerd, so for him who was so awesome in all things to come to me for help was a big deal. He was the life of the party, in more ways that one. Never left a dance floor untouched. I know he wouldn’t want to be overly mourned but its a part of life that everyone has to accept. I loved my uncle and he will never be forgotten.

1 April 1929 – 2 March 2015

     Uncle Bill Bert

Bert William Choate Jr. (Uncle Bill-Bert)


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