Here’s What I Know For Sure…

I know that this particular JOHNSON line is from my maternal side. So far I have been able to factually trace back to my 4X Great Grandparents (John T. Johnson and Hannah E. Gibson) both of which I know absolutely nothing about except where they were born and that they had a son named George H Johnson. Who had a daughter named Mary Etta Johnson, Who had a daughter named Clara Hannah Harris, who had a daughter named Marva Ringgold, who had a daughter named Angela Choates, who had me 😀

The majority of this information came from my great grandmother Mommom Ringgold (Clara Harris Ringgold). The names of the 4th Great Grandparents came from the death certificate of George H. Johnson.  I know that this is the right death certificate because the signee of it is Edith Berry, another confirmed family member.

johnson line