Putting it in Writing…. Marriage License Accountability Post

Since the US Census is at 1940’s right now I can’t capture the marriage of my great grandparents (Clara Harris & Julius Ringgold) to my knowledge they weren’t married until around 1942. (I really should ask my great grandmother the exact date) I can’t find their records online because they were married at the justice of the peace and those records are kept within the county that they were married. The same goes for my grandparents (Marva Ringgold and Odell Choates). FORTUNATELY…. The county where they were both married (Cecil County Maryland) Is literally 20 mins away from my home…

I’m very big on making plans and not always following through so here it is… I’m putting it in writing and holding you, (the reader) responsible for keeping me accountable with this particular project. I am going to get a copy of their marriage certificate! Both sets of grandparents… Sadly my own original marriage license was damaged and so I have 3 sets of marriage records to obtain…. I might as well throw in my parents marriage license as well, make it an even four for this “family affair”.


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