All Roads Lead to AAHGS (PART 1: The Decision)


I’m the type of person who plans ALOT but hardly ever does… So it was no surprise to me when I decided to view the website at and began to plan my trip to the AAGHS 36th national conference….

I booked the hotel (reservations can be cancelled) and I scheduled my days off of work (I could use a vacation) I did my budgeting (but I do that all the time). What did become a shock to me was the moment when I became an AAHGS member and made that final decision to click the button and purchase my conference ticket along with the meal plan. (If I was gonna go I was gonna go all in!)

membership registration

I knew that the deadline to refund was late August but I was registering in September so I knew that no matter what I HAD TO go through with it. I was determined to finally be a doer instead of a talker…..  I was nervous but I was making a vow to see it through no matter what.

So I jumped in my car around 4:30am so I could get there on time for the tour. I arrived at exactly 7:15. An hour before I was supposed to get there but it was okay because I had no idea where to park and I was NOT paying $27 for valet parking lol. Thankfully the valley was very friendly after they saw me drive past them twice and directed me to where I needed to go. Entering the hotel I was filled with a sense of excitement… especially when I saw this sign… at least I was in the right place…


To Be Continued…


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