Why I love purses so much!

I had originally planned to meet my grandmother (Marva) at her house yesterday evening but a series of events led me to have to meet her at my great grandmother’s (Clara) house instead. She and my aunt Judy were there cleaning out old items from Mommom Ringgold’s house and they were giving me a box of photos to scan and add to my research. (TOTALLY WORTH THE TRIP!) I get the box and I walk around reminiscing in the house as I tend to do whenever I’m there and something led me to Mommom Ringgold’s bedroom. I’ve been in there many times, nothing new, I looked around and I saw three purses stuffed into the corner at the top of an empty closet. Two were Vera Bradley, and one was different.


It was a plain clutch-like purse with a little handle strap and a snapping metal clasp. It looked so classic, I loved it instantly I had to ask if I could have it…  It seemed like they were just going to end up throwing out…

“Sure Tee”, they said when I asked about the purse, “I can’t believe you like that.”

“There’s something about it”, I said.




Boy was I right! I opened the purse and what do I find… a slew of photos that I can only deem as “PRICELESS”! We sat and went through the photos, they called out names (most of which I can’t remember) and laughed at memories…. I can only imagine what may have happened had someone else found those pictures… I’m just glad that something led me to them

This is why I love purses so much!

My biggest score so far is this photo of my great-great grandfather (Benson Samuel Harris) holding my grandmother (Marva) when she was in infant (1943)  ~ I’m on cloud 9!!

Scan 46-1.jpg



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