Saying Goodbye ~ Mommom Ringgold ~

There are people that are in your life that you take for granted and don’t realize their value until it is much too late. That certainly WAS NOT the case between myself and my great grandmother Clara Hannah Harris-Ringgold.”Mommom Ringgold” I knew what a gem she was and that is why it was my saddest moment to acknowledge her passing…

~ Clara Hannah Harris “Mommom” Ringgold ~

November 21, 1925 – October 31, 2016

One of the hardest things  I’ve had to do in my life to date was to say goodbye to my one of my best friends…

My sadness is truly just because I’ll miss her. There are no regrets because I made sure to give her her flowers while she could see, smell, and enjoy them. The selfish part of me wishes that I could keep her with me always (and I will in my own way) but she is in a better place and best of all she is at peace.

She lived a full and wonderful life and she left one heck of a legacy; one that I’m so very proud to be a part of. She was loved by everyone who had ever met her and she had a love for them in return.

I owe her so much, the majority of my genealogy fire was fueled by her and she loved to hear about my discoveries just as much as I loved finding them…

I have so many memories to hold onto and a lot of footage to tide me over during the rough times… the song rings true though “Aint nothing like the real thing”

I created my own Personal Tribute Video for my great grandmother… however the video that I created for her home going celebration was for everyone to enjoy and remember her by.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye ~ Mommom Ringgold ~”

  1. What a wonderful tribute! I just started reading your blog from FB’s “The Organized Genealogist” page. What an amazing book you have, even if it takes you forever to get all the sources and citations checked over and verified. I am not that organized, but I am trying to do so as about a year ago my now 92 (almost 93) year old Aunt sent me everything she had on her and my Dad’s maternal side of the family, including a lot of photos. I also want to mention, that although she was my immediate maternal grandmother, Agnes Werst nee Hann, who died when I was 13 and whom I loved dearly and who also taught me hand embroidery and sampler stitches, is one of the reasons I pursue genealogy too. I never knew her parents as there was a schism in the family before I was born and one of them had also already passed away, but when I had my genealogy done, I found that I’m part Finnish and was quickly able to find it came from her side of the family. This made me excited as it opened up doors for me about history in early America (her initial Finnish and Swedish ancestors) came over in the mid-1600’s to New Sweden on the Delaware, something they did not even go over in my college level courses of early American history except a mention that the Swedes and Finns had a small colony for a few years there. Anyway, what I wanted to say, was although I’m almost 53 years old now and it has been 40 years since she passed away, she is still alive and in my heart every time I do embroidery or cross stitch AND when I work on ANY genealogy, even my Dad’s side. Your MomMom will be with you too. I’ve added my name to be updated on your blog. Don’t force yourself, you already have your own “voice” and if your grief is too strong on some days, know your MomMom is with you in your heart and she is patiently waiting. Sincerely, Simone

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