That Time I “ALMOST” Gave Up…

After my great grandmother passed away I couldn’t bring myself to look at anything genealogy related… Even though I was constantly tempted to log onto my ancestry account and pick up where I left off, it just didn’t feel the same…. I would think to myself… “if I do find something new who will I call?” Fighting the urge to pick up the phone and both burst into tears at the same time.

I had just started my new web series “Pressing My Way Genealogy Web Series” and was ready to start episode two… This second episode was nearly completed but I had to delete it because I wasn’t even able to get through it. The entire episode is dedicated to my great grandmother and is pretty much about her because hers is the generation that I’m currently working on. It was set to be released on Nov 21, which would have been her 91st birthday.

A very good friend of mine reminded me that I can’t give up… and our little meaningful chat helped me to get my mind in gear. I decided to take a break until the beginning of the year which is where we are today…

A few months have gone by since she’s passed. I watch videos that I’ve made with her and I love to listen to the conversations of ours that I’ve recorded, I’ve gone to visit her… I’ve made my peace (as much as possible) and continuously attempt to come to terms with the absence of her physical presence (even though sometimes I feel like she’s still just a short drive away) I miss her dearly (as to be expected) but I feel like I’m finally ready to get back to doing what I love and keep her spirit alive with me in her research…

Episode two is scheduled to be released next month…


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