This time two weeks ago I was nervously boarding a plane to Chicago, but that wasn’t my final destination… it was just the first step… An hour layover and a two hour delay on the tarmac and I was on my way… to where you ask? To Salt Lake City, Utah of course. I was going to RootsTech!!!

I personally would have found it odd if anyone in my genealogy circle didn’t know what RootsTech was; but as I found during my trip, this amazing and informative gathering isn’t as well known as I had once thought.

WHAT EXACTLY IS ROOTSTECH? According to RootsTech is a family history and technology conference and trade show held annually in the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. I loosely translate that to being one of the greatest experiences of my life!

I had my plane trip scheduled out so that I could arrive early enough to get settled because there was a get together that I had been invited to that I didn’t want to miss. I left super early from BWI in Maryland and thanks to time change I was still going be able to be in Utah by 11:30am.

My first leg of the trip went smoothly, however the second leg of the trip was not as eventful. In fact, my plans were almost ruined during the 2 hour tarmac delay that followed the one hour layover. It was quite a frustrating situation…



Thankfully I had plenty of entertainment and gum to keep me occupied and centered. I never found out what the issue was, or if there was even a real issue but whatever it was, it fixed itself. Eventually the luggage made its way from my 1st plane and we were cleared for take off.



The plane ride was peaceful and so beautiful to say the least…

In an interesting genealogical twist, on the plane I discovered a show on the BYUtv channel (Had no idea about BYU before the conference) that was so fitting for the journey. It was called Generations Project, about what else… Genealogy of course!

I landed in Utah and created a shout out video inspired by a running joke/promise to my genealogy friend Thom Reed.


I caught an Uber to my home for the next few days, the Marriott City Center hotel directly across from the Salt Lake City conference center, and I made it to the special event in decent time (boy was I relieved). While at the event I made a few new friends…

After the event, I took the shuttle back to the conference center because I had to get registered for Rootstech. I was a little put off by how long the registration line was but it moved quite quickly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The registration process was easy… log into your account and they print off your itinerary, tickets, badge and give you an awesome RootsTech bag. I got checked in and took in the view from my room… It was perfect




My first event was that night, the 80’s party held on the main floor of the hotel. I was born mid 80’s and I didn’t have any 80’s gear but since I was born in the 80’s I went dressed as myself…




The first person I met when I entered was Thomas McEntee… I’ve been a fan of his for a while and we made fast friends…IMG_1352

he graced me with my very first ribbons…


I met Genealogy Jen (she is THE sweetest person on the planet) and I ran into Sherri Camp, AAHGS president.

The party as a whole was a blast! They had great music and amazing food. I won a t-shirt at the party for answering a tv theme show song question. I wish I could remember what show it was; I think it was Dexter.

There was dancing and singing and picture posing late into the night, a good time had by all….





1 thought on “#RootsTech2017 MY DAY ONE: TRAVELING!”

  1. Hello newly found cousin!

    I’m glad your trip was amazing.. I would love to hear more of what you learned from attending the rootstech convention. I’ve never heard of it myself.

    Have a great day and type to you soon!


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