#RootsTech2017 | Official Day One



My Official day one began with a breakfast of genealogy champion… with a side of research…

I walked across the street with all of the other Rootstech attendees. I had to pause at the front door because the entrance was singing, literally.  There were wind chimes surrounding the entrance. It sounded so beautiful, I had to stop and capture the moment.

Traveling down the escalator and walking into the grand hall was a surreal experience, the entire setup was massive there were three of the largest screens and more people than I had ever seen in one place in my entire life…

My Heritage showed an emotion driven video that had half of the crowd in tears, me especially me…

Drew and Jonathan Scott ( The property brothers) came out and shared their stories of growing up and the importance of family.

Here is the intro that they played for the Property Brothers…

Overall the opening session was really interesting. A lot more than I expected… not like I had much to compare it to. Below are some photos from the opening…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Straight from the opening session we followed in parade fashion to the massive EXPO HALL… there were people everywhere! Booths everywhere with amazing deals…

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I ran into my genea-friends Danielle Pritchett and Karice Luck and we decided to tour as much as we could.



I got to fan out a bit when I met (my now good friend)’s Barefoot Genealogist, Christa Cowan for the first time.


I got a chance to see the media hub… A place that I envision myself making it into one day. (sooner than later I hope)


There was a My Heritage luncheon that my friend Danielle and I had signed up for. The food was good (even though I’m not really a lasagna fan) the lemonade had absolutely no sugar in it whatsoever (that was to be expected). I made a new friend in my seat mate Joel Conte. During the luncheon we listened to all of the new innovative advances that were soon to come to the my heritage website, including the photo discoveries and consistency checker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Traveling back through the exhibit hall with my friends I had an opportunity to attempt to take it all in. We had some time before the our session began and found a kiosk that had the most AMAZING lemonade and funnel cake. The funnel cake was huge! It was way too much for me to eat by myself.

Then I ran into this guy…

Amazingly enough he made his own costume! I had to take a photo with him and shortly after everyone walking by wanted one too!

We headed to Bernice Bennett’s session on “Exploring the Testimonies of Former Slaves in the Southern Claims Commission Records”

After which we thought it would be a great idea to travel to the Family History Library. We were in Salt Lake City after all.  If you ever get a chance to visit SLC, for RootsTech or any other reason, please make me a promise and visit the FHL.

The night ended with dinner at the hotel restaurant, Elevations with friends…

All in all I have to say that this first official day was one worth remembering…




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