Pressing My Way Joins Forces with the “DO-OVER”…

If you are as immersed in the genealogy world as I am, then I’m sure you have heard of Thomas MacEntee’s book and amazing program the “Genealogy Do-Over”…

If you haven’t, its basically where you take all of your genealogy research and chuck it! (for lack of a better word) Starting your research over again from square one and seeing what you come with by the end of the year

This method works out great for professionals and non professionals alike because you can never NOT benefit from going over your work again. You might just come across something that will help you to hurdle over that long standing brick wall! The same kind of brick walls that I am constantly “Pressing My Way” through… (wink wink).

The Do-Over; although some of us have already done it over and over and over again… starting from scratch to attempt to create a new method of organizing and rediscovering our ancestors (like it was the very first time) and finally being able to have sufficient evidence of your findings by using the genealogical proof standard and properly citing your sources.

A “Genealogy Do-Over” that was what I set out to do! Life however, got in the way as it tends to do and genealogy had to take a back seat. This year, 2018 marks as good a time as any to begin the Do Over once again! As if that wasn’t good enough Thomas has made it even better by making the amazing announcement that there will be a brand NEW Do Over. The “DNA Do Over” and I couldn’t be more excited to get into the mix.

Being able to post about the “Do-Over” it is one thing, but how cool would it be if you could see someone ACTUALLY going through the process in REAL TIME along with you to show how it works? That’s where I come in…

Pressing My Way will be doing a companion video series for the “Genealogy Do-Over” and “DNA Do-Over”! Each month you will get a detailed look at the steps of the “Do-Over” and you can follow along with me as I give you my take on the entire process.

These episodes will be released on the 15th of every month with extra videos sprinkled in when needed…


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