SPEAK UP…. My 1st Presentation

I decided to give a presentation for my genealogy group even though I have a fear of public speaking. Learning how to "SPEAK UP"

Hidden details….

So I decided to take a good look today at my great-great grandfather (Benson Samuel Harris) death certificate... I started reading and I got to the address of his death. Instead of a hospital it listed a residence ~ 408 E. King Street in York, PA. That's when I had a thought.... "I wonder if this... Continue Reading →

The Road Trip… Part 2

A whole week had come and gone... and I'd somehow managed to keep my excitement in tact long enough to make it to that day, my favorite day of the week. ROAD TRIP DAY!!! This week our main destination was to visit the Harris family cemetery. (I thought we were going to Union United Methodist Church)... Continue Reading →

The Road Trip… (Part 1)

We had been planning this trip for "YEARS" a chance to take a trip and visit the historical sites of our family. Finally, on June 25, 2014 we were able to make that trip. We loaded up the car with snacks and hit the road to PA. My grandfather (Odell) driving, my great grandmother (Clara)... Continue Reading →

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