ME: The Researcher

fam group 1

This photo is from 1992, which one am I? The one that stands out of course, (in my defense, my mother didn’t feel like dressing me in white that day). I’m fourth generation of a line of wonderful women who value education and family above all else. 


Fast forward twenty some odd years and you will see that not too much has changed, I still opt to never wear white (black is now my color of choice)

Screenshot 2013-11-14 21.49.53I did however neglect to mention that I ushered in the fifth generation of girls into the direct line of our family

 Screenshot 2013-11-14 21.51.02


This is me… Tierra


A young”ish” up and coming social genealogist who would prefer to spend time reading obituaries than watching television. Unless its historical in content (I.E. Timeless).


1 thought on “ME: The Researcher”

  1. naturelover50 said:

    Beautiful ladies!

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